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PrimeFlight Aviation Services established PrimeFlight X-Wash as a specialized division of our company, developed to address a highly specialized need in the aircraft cleaning industry.

It's no mystery why aircraft should be washed frequently. Apart from creating a strikingly improved appearance of a highly visible representation of your brand, regular exterior aircraft cleaning extends paint life, enabling longer intervals between repainting. Exterior washing also maintains the integrity of the paint through processes that remove oxidants and potentially harmful chemicals. Our application of a UV protective wax goes even further to protect the aircraft's skin.

These processes — combined with specialty services like the cleaning and disinfecting of cargo bins, wheel well cleaning, flap track and leading edge cleaning — all contribute to a clean, smooth aircraft, meaning less drag, increased fuel economy and minimized corrosion.

  • Experienced leadership team
  • Comprehensive employee and aircraft safety program

Exterior Aircraft Cleaning Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

How We Do It

  • Set up equipment.
    All vehicles and equipment are properly chocked.
  • Install pitot tube and static port covers.
    Depending on policy, maintenance personnel or X-Wash agents will complete installation.
  • Protect landing gear.
    Videotape covering all landing gear with tarps to avoid any chemical splash on tires and aircraft brakes.
  • Assemble and brief teams and commence complete exterior aircraft cleaning process.
    Our cleaning process addresses all areas of the aircraft, inlcluding wings, engines, pylons, belly, crown, tail and landing gear. Appropriate safety equipment and procedures are used throughout the process.
  • Complete visual inspection.
    Inspect entire aircraft before cleaning equipment is removed.
  • Remove all pitot tube, static port covers and landing gear tarps.
    Place covers in sealed containers for accountability.
  • Conduct visual inspection.
    Inspect entire area surrounding the aircraft and videotape proper removal of all pitot tubes, static ports and landing gear covers.
  • Videotape entire aircraft.
    Tape crown, top of the wing, belly, APU area, inside engine cowlings and inside landing gears to ensure that there is no equipment left, FOD.
Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

  • Experienced leadership team

Safety First

Employee Safety

We've established a wide-ranging safety training program that is provided to each employee during their orientation, where key safety considerations are taught, tested and drilled upon until each employee is acutely informed on safety procedures.

But we don't stop there. To continually enforce and reinforce the importance of a safe environment, the Safety-Based Behavior Reward Plan gives employees the opportunity to earn additional compensation based on their team's safety track record.

We also form Employee Safety Committees that are responsible for peer safety and oversight. Shift meetings with a "Safety Hot Topic" are held regularly and safety meetings on national and local levels are conducted monthly.

  • Safety-Training Program
  • Safety-Based Behavior Reward Plan
  • Employee Safety Committees and "Safety Hot Topics"

Aircraft Safety

You'll often hear from us that our people are our most important asset. Well they are, and we want to make sure they're working safely with one of your most important assets: the aircraft we're cleaning.

That begins with ensuring our equipment is in top operating shape. All of our vehicles are regularly inspected to ensure that all vehicle lights, brakes, wheel chocks and fluid levels are in proper working condition prior to each day's work. We've also defined the quantity and type of equipment that are authorized to be in close proximity to your aircraft and require all of our equipment operators to pass rigorous testing before they're authorized to perform duties around your aircraft.

  • Equipment Inspections and Guidelines
  • Rigorous Operator Testing

Specialty Services

Leather Seat Reconditioning

In addition to exterior aircraft washing, PrimeFlight offers full cabin appearance services. But what truly sets us apart from other providers is our ability to offer specialty cabin services like leather seat reconditioning.

Leather seats are a big investment and require periodic reconditioning to keep them looking fresh. We start by applying a multi-action enzymatic cleanser that has been approved by manufacturers and air carriers worldwide. Then we immediately deep clean the leather, working with a high-speed orbital buffer using a super-soft bush to eliminate the toughest odors and stains. Finally we employ a top-of-the-line leather conditioner and protectant, sprayed and worked by hand to every part of the seat, even inside the back pocket.

The finished product: each seat bright, fresh and truly clean — ready for the next million miles!

  • Equipment Inspections and Guidelines
  • Rigorous Operator Testing
Leather Seat Reconditioning

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